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Detailed website creation

1 Introduction

In general, the production of a website is the sum of a series of tasks such as positioning the page structure, reasonable layout, image word processing, program design, and database design. It is also a way to display the pictures of the website designer in HTML. Tasks, front-end engineer tasks include: website design, website user experience, website JAVA effect, website production and other work. Website production is the position of planner, network programmer, web design, etc., applying various network program development techniques and web design techniques to build sites on the global Internet for enterprises, institutions, companies or individuals, including domain name registration and hosting Generic term for services.

Website production requires three basic conditions: website virtual space, domain name, and database of dynamic website. Website virtual space is used to store website files, such as picture information, html files, php files, etc., which is equivalent to a hard disk space. The domain name refers to the address of the website. The database of the dynamic website is used to store membership information and data tables used by dynamic pages. The website data here is not the website's html files, image information, etc., and refers to the messages submitted by website visitors, personal information, etc., traditional static websites. No database support is required. With the improvement of the consistency of the browser and W3C standards, and the increase in the recognition of formless web design, the design of hyperdocument markup language and cascading style sheets for web content has been widely accepted and used. The latest standards and recommendations are for the expansion and improvement of browser capabilities, enabling them to transmit multimedia information and more options to users without the need for plug-ins.

2. Main functions

Corporate publicity display

The main role of the website is to promote the display, but many companies only know about the website. Websites are optional, and the lower the price, the better. It brings the survival soil to the huge template website building market, which is also the main reason for the existence of low-end companies that rely on the East and West to make websites. Existence is reasonable. Due to the limited funding resources in the early days of the business and the requirements on the website itself are not high, template websites can indeed meet the requirements. And now the template website design is very beautiful, and the function is not much different from the custom development, a little modification and adjustment can be quickly enabled. You can learn how to create a website in just a few days. There is no problem in learning how to make a website with zero foundation. If you want to learn to make a website, you can add a skirt. The front is 1 5 3, the middle of the HTML entry is 7 7 5 and the back 6 2 7 is fine. Therefore, if the company has no requirements for branding and marketing, template websites are definitely a good choice. Rather than spend more, find a company with a normal level for custom development, it is more practical to choose a template website directly.

Marketing traffic conversion

In fact, there are not many companies that make websites for publicity and display, and then put them on the shelf. Especially for many companies transforming online marketing, the main purpose of the website is marketing conversion. I have been engaged in high-end website design and production and online marketing for more than ten years. I often have clients consulting Pilot Expo. Why do I spend thousands of search engines on Baidu and other search engines a day? It ’s a rare consultant? Perhaps the root cause is the ineffective website production. The author's previous article, "Still worrying about the effectiveness of the promotion, but your website has not been changed for several years?" Has a detailed analysis. As the central nerve of marketing conversion, the website or single page used to promote the conversion must be effective for browsing groups and user behavior. Perform in-depth analysis and find ways to capture customers in just tens of seconds. Obviously, this is not enough for cheap template sites.

Brand image building

What is a website? I don't know how many companies have thought deeply about it. Ten years of online marketing practice have made Pilot Expo more and more felt. For enterprises, the website is the company's "packaging". This is an era of looking at the face. Buddha relies on gold and people relying on clothing, and enterprises rely on packaging! How many trading companies rely on one or several excellent websites and rely on powerful Internet marketing execution, their product shipping capabilities far exceed physical factories. . This is not to say that it is not important to be honest, but to emphasize the importance of brand image building. For a new customer, who understands the process required for a brand to accept a company, will definitely search through the web. Through excellent website design and production, and appropriate publicity and display, users can leave a good first impression. What about template websites or low-quality and low-quality products? Basic standard colors, standard characters, and other basic visual identities are not available. What brand image are we talking about?

3. Production process

Apply for a domain name

Purchase space

Target site

Analyze website needs

Website style design

Website code production

Test site;

FTP upload website;

Website maintenance

4. Website building tools

The development of network technology has driven the development of the software industry, so the tools and software used to make Web pages are becoming more and more abundant. From the most basic HTML editor to the very popular Flash interactive web page production tool, a variety of Web page production Tools, here are some representative web makers of Yaojie Technology:

HTML editor. Although the HTML code is complex, it takes a lot of time to edit and debug, but it is still favored by senior web page authors because of its stability, extensive support, and ability to create complex page effects. In terms of editors, there are many editors to choose from. These editors widely support complex page creation and advanced HTML specifications. More commonly used are professional HTML editors such as Hotdog.

WYSIWYG web editor. Among them is Microsoft Frontpage, which has an operating interface like Word. Operators who are familiar with Word functions can easily compile web pages with a little training. In addition, Frontpage can parse the HTML source code of the web page and provides preview support. However, some special display functions of Frontpage cannot be implemented in other non-IE browsers. Therefore, Frontpage is a tool software that is very suitable for beginners and intermediate web designers.

Flash interactive web authoring tool by the very popular Macromedia (acquired by Adobe). This is a very powerful interactive vector multimedia webpage making tool. It can easily output a variety of animated web pages, it does not require particularly complicated operations, and it is smaller and smarter than JAVA! But its animation effects, interactive effects, and multimedia effects are excellent. In addition, Mp3 music can be encapsulated in Flash animations, filling forms, etc .; and because the webpage files prepared by Flash are much smaller than ordinary webpage files, the browsing speed is greatly accelerated. This is a tool that is very suitable for dynamic web production.

Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG webpage editor that integrates webpage production and management website developed by the American company Macromedia. It is the first set of visual webpage development tools specially developed for professional web designers. It can be easily used with Create dynamic web pages that cross platform restrictions and browser restrictions.

Personal website creators also need to understand the W3C's HTML4.0 specification, basic knowledge of CSS cascading style sheets, basic knowledge of javascript and VBScript. You must have a proper understanding of some commonly used script programs such as ASP, CGI, and PHP. You must also be proficient in using graphics processing tools, animation tools, and vector drawing tools. FTP tools and knowledge of software, hardware, and networking are also required.

The internet is also a free database. Creating web pages requires a variety of buttons, backgrounds, and various graphics and pictures. If you have to do it yourself, you will waste time and money, and you also need powerful graphics and picture production technology. Therefore, in order to save these troubles, website creators can download all kinds of beautiful and practical pictures, buttons, backgrounds and other web materials from the Internet.