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Responsive mechanical forming machine technology

Template introduction:

A template developed by the latest kernel. This template belongs to enterprise general, HTML5 responsive, hoop bending machine, bending center, steel cage forming machine, cold bending machine and other enterprises. A highly applicable template can basically be suitable for various industries. Corporate website!

Responsive adaptive to various mobile devices, the same background, real-time data synchronization, simple and applicable!

Original design, hand-written DIV + CSS,

Fully compatible with IE7 +, Firefox, Chrome, 360 browsers, etc .; mainstream browsers;

The page is simple and easy to manage, and the kernel can be used; test data is included!

Template features:

1: Adaptive product template, simple code, high-end style, clean page.

2: Homepage with news display, service introduction, case display, etc.

3: Using the popular HTML5 framework, compatible with mainstream browsers, responsive, adaptive, and perfectly supports mobile devices

4: The interface design of the entire station is atmospheric and shows your strength.

5: Directly modify the contact information, address, copyright information, website content, etc. in the background for easier modification.

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