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Responsive poultry animals

Template introduction:

The latest kernel-developed template belongs to Chinese-English bilingual, HTML5 responsive, ecological and environmental protection, and is used by agricultural, agricultural, and forestry enterprises. A highly applicable template can basically suit corporate websites in various industries!

Responsive adaptive to various mobile devices, the same background, real-time data synchronization, simple and applicable!

Original design, hand-written DIV + CSS,

Fully compatible with IE7 +, Firefox, Chrome, 360 browsers, etc .; mainstream browsers;

The page is simple and easy to manage, and the kernel can be used; test data is included!

Template features:

1: Product display company general template, code is simple and clean, suitable for seo optimization.

2: The biggest highlight of the website-adaptive to all devices, perfectly compatible with mainstream browsers.

3: The homepage has a cool slideshow, news display, product display, the homepage layout is very beautiful and the homepage content is automatically updated.

4: The design of each column is simple, and the code has been optimized. As long as the corresponding content is modified in the background, the website content can be easily modified. .

5: Directly modify the contact information, address, copyright information, website content, etc. in the background for easier modification.