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Website construction process

1. Select a template

Please select the type of template you like in the <Template Display> section of our website. As long as the template is not divided into industries, it only needs to look at the appearance, and then tell us the selected template.

提供资料 2. Provide information

Provide information, please provide website information (such as company profile, contact us, product pictures, product introduction) before making the website.

3. Pay the deposit

First according to the information you gave, and the selected template, before making the website, please ask the customer to pay a deposit of 100 yuan, and we start making.

4. Website goes live

After the website is completed, the customer reviews the completed website and pays the balance.

5. Register a domain name

The client confirms the website domain name (the domain name is the URL of your company's website) and starts to register for us.

售后服务 6. After sales service

Carry out after-sales service in accordance with our after-sales service agreement.

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